Teen Brunette Shit


Oxana is nasty loading nice shit in grey panties for you!

Bitchy Babes Take Revenge, Makes Playboy Eat Shit! – Full Movie

They caught him fooling around with each of them so they decided to give him a smelly, disgusting lesson. They chain him up and take turns whipping his pathetic body. They take turns peeing and shitting on his face and body. One of the girls pooped on the bowl and they want to make him eat it all up!

‘peeing On Myself In Red Top’

This clip was made directly after the clip ‘peeing in red jeans and on myself’. I was not satisfied with the amount of pee on my top so I wanted to pee some more on myself, which I do in this clip. You can see how I got horny from making those two clips as I rub the pee on myself and start breathing harder. After this video I had to masturbate. I was soooo wet and all of my clothes were soaked in pee. It was just really exciting 😉