Teen Cat Piss

Daddy Instruction Smear

Daddy wanted to watch me smear my poo so I did a little show for him. He told me where he wanted me to cover myself and I listened like a good princess. Started at my thighs, to around my pussy, to my stomach, and my butt. He loves it when I play with my stinky poop 🙂

The Poop Cage Head Out Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Mistress Anna – Pov My Big Fat Shit

Now toilet, listen to me very carefully! I want you to look me only at my asshole! Look and hold your mouth open!Remember What is your purpose, your only purpose. To serve me like a HUMAN TOILET! You are nothing more to me! You are a pig, a shithole. Accept your fate slave. Am I clear? Answer me! Now hold your mouth wide open! O yes, this is what you deserve – my big fat shit! Swallow it! Do it slave! There is more job for you after that. You have to clean me with your tongue! Look how dirty is my little shithole! I say look at it! LICK ! LICK me clean!

The Piss Banana Shake

Early morning drink such a horny shake is already something tasty. Here I piss in a glass and just because it mixes a banana and let me taste it. It a shame that you were not here, what you would like made​​.