Teen Drinking Pissaction

Goodness Grace Makes You A Plate!!

If you aren’t screaming her name out lout by the end of this video, then something is wrong with you!!! Goodness Grace is back for more in her latest trio!! Three more exciting as ever clips. Enjoy as she Squats and drops a Hot plate of poo in the first two clips. After all that poop, she shits down on the toilet and takes a nice pee in the first two clips as well. She spreads that “Georgia Peach” of hers nice and wide while on all fours in the finale! Three great plates of logs!! Don’t you want your plate?! Goodness Grace has taken over in 2017!!

Business Lady Losing Control

Julia is a sexy business lady – dressed in a sexy formal short dress, black stockings and heels. She is doing her office work, but her bladder is full and she barely can hold it.She walks around the office and suddenly loses control and spurts some pee…then some more..and than she squats with legs wide open and releases her bladder!!! OMG…thats a lot indeed!Huge puddle on the floor! It turns her on and she starts rubbing her wet pussy until a hard orgasm! ….looks like its over, but..nooo..she pees again…and its a lot again:) You`d be surprised how much this petite lady could pee:)

Real Toilet Slavery Part 6

Here Girls are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know, he is up for Toilet duty and to get in the Position needed. With english Subtitles

Bitch Shits For You

Your little extra just for you Bitch shits