Teen Ebony Pooping

Shitting With Big Belly Thick Sausage

I in the 6th month already a fairly large belly and my tits have become even greater. Now come back thick Dinger from my ass;)

Two Face

I was giving my sub a treat by straddling his head and drowning him in my golden stream, but he refused to open his eyes for me and because he talked back, I decided to straddle his head again, but this time instead of my pee, he got a huge load of my hot, steaming shit that covered half his head and made him into two face!

Fats, Brown Sausage Served In High Heels For P.

Yes, here comes your sausage my dear P. full thick, long and beautiful brown it has become: – 🙂 So, as you had wished it to you. You’re lucky! As requested I come in sexy high heels to poop for you. You can watch me from behind as abseiling. At the end I show you a close-up of course.