Teen Forced To Piss Herself

Shit On My Shoes

I’m starting to shit. this I do in my shoes. my shit can be seen close-up. the shoes are full of shit. I am pleased with myself. I trample the shit with my feet. I’m putting on shoes. shit climbs with a shoe. this is a super sensation.I found a lot of loose boots. Now I shit on them. this is a beautiful sight

Perverse Femdom Session! Shit, Facesitting, Snot And Piss For The Slave! Part 3

Here you can see the 3rd part from the Full Movie Perverse FemDom Session! Shit, Facesitting, snot and piss for the slave! Here was the next toiletsclave with me to visit. And of course I did not know any more grace for the slaves. First I gave the slaves a Facesitting and he had to lick my dirty asshole clean! While he licked my asshole, I just pooped him a big heap, into his mouth. And I also had to piss and simply pissed at the big shit in his mouth! I also spat in his mouth and he had to swallow my snot and then eat all my shit! I fed him with a spoon so he had to eat it all! He choked, but that did not help him, since he could not go until he had eaten everything. I`ve humble him all the time and it`s horny DirtyTalk, from me, to hear! The whole nasty session you see from 3 camera angles!

Behold, My Mistress Who Shits And Spits On Me! – Part 3

She makes me lick off the shit smears on her ass. She rubs her bare feet on my face to smear the rest of the feces all over me, and I fucking love it!

Amirah Andrah Piss 01

Its nice to have a human toilet all the time while shooting by the side. Amirah needs to pee, she just use the loser as a toilet while talk with Nikki