Teen Geting Pee

Shit In Rubber Boots2

I wore rubber boots and a raincoat. I’m starting to shit and I can tread shit with rubber boots on a raincoat. it’s just a super sensation. everything stinks and rustles the raincoat

Mistress Roberta – Training My Chastity Slave Into Toilet Play-full

Today i meet with my chastity slave and i put him in the chastity in order to make him do what i want with him today so first we have an good discussion after i tease him with my ass and farts and i allow him to lick my ass hole spreading my cheeks letting him to lick clean the hole before i use him as my toilet for the first time .After i remove under my ass the leather pants i pee a bit on his face and neck, i start to poop in his mouth and took an latex glove in one hand and i start to fart while i shit and when the shit gets stuck i will check it with my finger and push it out very hard and humiliate my ex chastity slave because now i can say he becomed my toilet slave and he gets inlove with it so inloved he begs the shit to come out and after i finish shitting i take the shit from the floor and what was out of the mouth and a smear his chest with it i pot a strong piece on the high heel of my boot and order him to suck it clean and also i spit on him and when he asked me to open the chastity i told him he haves to wait another pee or shit on today so i tricked him to stay with the chastity on .

Emergency Trashcan Wmv

I’m in the kitchen and I do not have time to go to the toilet and don’t want to pee in my pants. Trashcan is the best place to pee and turd. I lower pants and sit on the trashcan. I’ll show you my mess. I say you sniff my stink , lick my dirty ass and you eat my shit with trashcan.

Sexy Margo Pees Wherever She Likes To Pee!

Margo is walking through the nature and suddenly realizes that she has lot of pressure at her bladder! She doesn’t wait long and decides to pee – right at the sandy way without thinking about someone might come around…