Teen Girl Perv Mastrubates Exhib Peephole Spying

Bad Painted P4

The Scatqueens have fun to see how the toilet slave is working with the big pile of shit in his mouth. He has to paint the wall.

Amirah Adara Using My Idiot Toilet

Amirah is paying me a visit, and she needs to pee urgently! So I suggest she uses my idiot toilet for this degrading task. I take her to the bathroom where my toilet is waiting, and I tell her to just do her business in his mouth. He does not speak a word English, but he is just a toilet, so he don’t need to speak.. Just open his mouth! Amirah is pee the idiots mouth full, and whatever he missed he have to lick from the floor.. When he has finished his duty, I have to tell him to get in position until he is needed again, but as I said he does not speak, so I actually have to show him even how to do this! What a pathetic loser!!

Scat Sweetie’s Naked Peeing And Plopping!!

Enjoy Two great clips from My Sweetie as she fingers out a few logs in the first scene. She was a little backed up, so she had to help herself out!! Then enjoy a nice long pee session in the second. She is sitting reverse kanga style in both clips!! Great shots of that juicy ass of hers. Plenty of great peeing for you pee lovers as well!!

Mistress Gaia – Coworker

CUSTOM REQUEST – ” For the moment there is only You, who pretend to be Raffaella and explain to me that Mistress Gaia wants me to give to you, and explain to me what You’ll do to me including be used by the two daughters and Liliana, and then You use me, laughing at me, humbling me and constantly repeating that I hated Yoy and now I ended up becoming your toilet … ”