Teen Girl Shit Poops

Lick My Dirty Boots And Be My Toilet

The soles of my sexy leather boots are quite dirty from the road and are brought to glossyness back by a slaves tongue. Lucky for him that I just need to piss, so he gets the dirt from the road off his teeth. Apparently the loser liked this procedure because got off on it. Well done, I finally need frequently a piss swigging bootslicker.

Secretary Enslaves Nasty Boss! – Part 4

She transfers him to the portable toilet, where she sits above his face and shits right on him. To cap it all off, she lets her friends in on the fun and lets them take turns shitting and peeing on his face!

Bladder Desperation!

Mistress wake up in the middle of night her bladder is full and is desperate to pee! Luckily her slave is sleeping in the bathroom and is going to open his mouth for her to take her piss and of course clean it well with his tongue too!