Teen Girl Shits On Old Man

Tallulah Scat

See Tallulah playing with her Ass, receiving a pee enema and shitting on the bed. Very dirty and wet with Piss and Shit

Lucky Slave Gets 2 Serving Of Shit!

A caged slave has a surprise in store for him. His mistress has brought back her friends to let her deliver her shit for consumption by her slave. This is the slaves version of eating out. Except in this case, he’s only leaving his cage to be served with hot and fresh sweet shit from his Mistress and her friends assholes. They take great pleasure in pushing the slaves head into the plate they have shit on to make sure he eats every last bit! LICK that plate CLEAN! Then his Mistresses friends left but Mistress has another push of her shit and serves more shit for him, this time it was runny and squishy. What a lucky slave!

Crazy Scat Dinner

Lady Amira makes a huge turd and her slave has to eat all of it. (with subtitel)