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Shit In My Parents Garden!

Danni?s on holiday at her parent?s house in the country. They have the most beautiful garden and she?s enjoying the warm weather, smelling the flowers and relaxing in the hammock. She?s dressed for the weather in a little pair of shorts, some sandals and a little t-shirt. She swings in the hammock, relaxing and basking in the sunshine, but then she is suddenly struck by a terrible pain in her stomach! It must all that rich food she?s been treating herself with on holiday! She clutches her stomach, doubling over. She?s instantly aware that she isn?t going to make it inside, up the stairs and to the bathroom, so she resigns herself to pooping outside. She manages to get her shorts down, but it?s too late to save her panties! It is already filled and bulging with her poop! She?s so embarrassed, what if her parents come home and see that she?s pooped herself in their garden? She looks around desperately, hoping that no one else is there to see the mess she?s made of herself. The poop hangs down, heavy and bulging out her polka-dotted panties. It?s warm and squishy and it feels kind of sexy pressed tight in between her bum and her panties. Danni knows she should head upstairs and clean herself up, but she can?t help but feel very turned on by her little accident. Her pussy starts to throb, getting very wet as she caresses the hot, soft bulge of poop in her panties. She decides instead of cleaning up, that she might hide amongst the plants and play with the lovely feeling poop in her panties!Hiding behind a lemon tree, she spreads her legs wide ands starts to rub her pussy, feeling the poop squish inside her panties, pushing back along her bum and forward onto her aching pussy. It starts to push out from the sides of her panties and she rubs it over the white fabric and across her legs, feeling very dirty and very, very sexy! Her panties start to get extremely messy as the dark poop is smeared over the light cotton. Out of the corner of her eye she spies something that makes her feel even naughtier! She stands and plucks a cucumber from the plant, then starts to rub it over her poopy panties. Mmmm, it feels so good! Danni starts to fuck herself with the cucumber, moaning and sighing as she thrusts it in and out of her dirty pussy. This filthy girl is so turned on! She rubs her pussy frantically, still fucking her poopy pussy with the cucumber, loving every minute of it and totally forgetting that at any moment she could be busted! Suddenly she hears a noise, and comes back to herself. Has someone come home? She jumps up, grabs the cucumber and washes it off, looking around frantically! Has someone seen her being such a dirty girl? Finally she realizes she was just imagining the noise and she starts to fuck herself again, her pussy still dripping and hot. She is so turned on that she drops the cucumber and starts to rub her clit like crazy through her pooped panties, masturbating herself to a giant orgasm. Being a filthy, dirty girl just makes Danni so hot! Using the garden hose she cleans herself up, rinsing her smelly, poopy bottom and her dirty brown panties. What is it about her messy accidents that makes Danni feel so sexy?

Chair And Shit (hd)

Hi Guys! Today I recorded the video, as the shit out of me goes. I was sitting on a chair was not the bottom. I put down the camera to the floor and I put a bowl under the chair and feel into the shit. Then I peed. All this before I caught a vibrator and satisfield myself. At the end of the film, I sat in the shit and than masturbation again. It was very good. The slap flowed over the shit.