Teen Girls Eating Shit

New! Princess Mia

NEW! Princess MiaScat.jeans fetish.Smearing

A Living Female Toilet, Swallowing Shit. Close-up

A real toilet slave is obliged to swallow a girl’s shit, as she swallows a delicious nectar! At the moment of swallowing, he has no other thoughts, except that now he performs the most important job of eating shit – a girl should not experience discomfort during the defecation – this is the main thing for the toilet slave!

Peeing In A Steel Pot

Peeing in a steel pot (JJ000482)

12.164 Hard Italian Turd

12.164 Hard Italian turd is the perfect title for this clip, you have to wait to see the turd and after the turd appears so big and so hard! And it come out lucly!