Teen Girls Farting On Toilet

Suck My Shit

Come on, toilet slave, lick my sweet shitty beautiful ass hole. Your desire it’s swallow my shit and clean my ass with tongue. So dreams become reality. Now your mouth is my full toilet and you will serve me wherever I want to shit.

Workout Scat

I am currently doing a workout. Finally, I perform some stretching exercises. That’s when I realize that I have to shit urgently. Luckily my slave is here. He has to lie down on the floor and gets from me a big funnel in the mouth. I really do not feel like a mess right now. He should just swallow everything. So that everything also reaches his mouth, I push a little with my hand.

Pee Pee,pee And Pee Again

great compilation with PEE in s many ways…on my panty, on the floor…see me while i pee with legs up on my naked body and so much…