Teen Girls Pooping Outside

Mistress Roberta- Preparing Breakfast On Potty Chair And Feed You By Hand-pov

Today i take the potty chair and prepare your breakfast squeezing all the shit out but i also prepared one hand with latex glove so i can feed you by hand right after i wipe my ass showing you the texture of the shit and giving you also a strong piece to eat, enjoy.

Ms Jenkins Is Back In The Running!!

The Ladies of Keeping it Funky are real women living real lives. None are Realer than Ms Jenkins!! One of my most popular from 2014, she dissappeared without warning last fall. She finally responded to me about month ago and explained she has been in Jail for a few months and just got out! The ‘Thug Life’ Tattoo you seen on her sexy thighs is real as this real life sexy thug is ‘about that life’!! Enjoy her Grand return in this 7 minute collection of clips and see EXACTLY why she was so popular. Nasty, runny shits? CHECK. Big juicy sexy ass? CHECK CHECK – She gives Melissa and Lady Aria a SERIOUS run for best ass in the game! Action Packed clips? CHECK AND MATE!!! Ms Jenkins is back just as good as ever in 2014- and we can’t be happier!!


You are my slave for toilet!