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Zelda’s March Madness

Zelda’s back with a slam dunk of a set!!! Enjoy as she returns with four new squatted clips. She squats and unleashes some seriously FUNKY loads in all four clips!! Great EFRO action as Zelda spreads her ass nice and wide to show her turtleheads emerging before falling into the bowl.

Ice Valentis – Shit Bath & Swallow

Sexy African slut Ice Valentis performs an enema that turns into a dirty shit bath. She urinates into a glass mixing her shit and diarrhea then drinks it all via a straw. After masturbating and scat eating she finishes with a cum facial from the camera guy.

In The Morning

I know you prefer to admire what I offer you instead of breakfast this morning. Watch and imagine that you’re just sitting down on grass carpet, mouth open, waiting for you breakfast. Very tasty!

Eat Shit Pampers Boy

As I reached hidden rails on my walk with Miss Jane, we found in his diaper there lying in the sun. We have some un and shit into his diaper, then we gave it back to him, but our idea was to put it on his head instead of his butt. Then we additionaly peed into it and allowed him to lick a bit up out of the diaper. Becauser the guy was a real loser, we chased him away and throwed Stones after him. It is always fun, to make someone our slave! Maybe you will be the next one? Do not cross our way!!!