Teen Lesbo Shit

Hiroto: Human Toilet On A Leash!

Hiroto bowed to his Mistress carefully, making sure that he worshipped even the tips of her toes. He was not allowed to look directly at the other mistresses in the room, for doing so would be his undoing as a piss slave. The mistress orders him to lay on the floor and wear the filthy cut piss bottle in his mouth. His aging teeth grip gnarled bottle and he waits for his fate. One of the younger mistresses stands up says that her bladder is just about ready to pop. She smiles and squats on Hiroto’s bottle, giving the edge a little weight so the plastic would dig into his mouth. Hiroto smells it before he could even see it – a thick, pungent stream of piss that’s thick enough to choke him. It was so salty that his throat kicked back, making him to bite the bottle even harder. The mistress feels his distress and chuckles, taking her sweet time on the bottle before standing up. Aya the Cruel, the piss pet’s owner pulls him up with his leash and orders him to thank the other cruel mistresses. He gulps the remaining taste in his mouth and tastes the saltiness even in his throat. He pathetically bows, showing the embarrassing message penned on his back. He will be pulled back to his toilet duties… very soon.

Shit On Rubber Boots1

I found several pairs of rubber boots at home. Now I measure them and throw them into the pile. I’m starting to shit rubber boots. it is great

Kv Toilet Man The Human Wc

Beautifull SCAT video all in ENGLISH with Mistress Isabella, the fluid poo is so tastefull! Mistress Isabella wakes up in the morning and needs to use the toilet. Of course such a Lady cannot use a regular toilet but needs an eager mouth open underneath her. Her toilet slave is waiting for her with his toilet-mouth open and she relieves herself into it. What a nice morning for Mistress Isabella. English language. MP4

My First Living Toilet

The toilet slave is bossed around, tortured with high heels and must swallos several times: Scat, golden shower, ballbusting, spitting