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Michelle Schoolgirl Shit

(HD) BBW Mature gal Michelle is dressed in white socks and a mini skirt. She lifts her skirt bends over and pulls her cheeks apart as she drops a juicy shit on the floor

Ayanna’s Painful Diarrhea And Logs!!

Ayanna keeps cranking out the (s)hits!!! Enjoy three great clips as she spreads nice and wide to Unleash her Bubblies for the People!!! In three great clips enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to unleash the funk!! Ayanna has had the runs lately and it looks like it was a bit painful as well as she was making the the worst faces and grunts and strains! She even had to kick her feet out to help bringing it out. In one clip after the initial burst, she has to finger her ass to get the rest out! Three great clips as usually from the bussiest Funky lady!!

Public Far Piss At The Lake!

In my public action at 02.07.15 at Wachendorfer lake I had to pee sometimes. So I Pissed in a high arc before countless audiences. The audience gave comments from you hear in the video. I have as far pissed that I have hit the cameraman, who was sitting 2 meters away, and he scared back smudge. That’s why I had to laugh and the audience!