Teen Pee In Resterrant

Bad Painted P2

Mistress Michelle is the next one who still has to shit and sits on the toilet chair of the Scatqueens. She knows exactly that the toilet slave opens his mouth. First piss, then Mistress Michelle shits the slave in his mouth. Lady Sandy laughs and has fun. Then the toilet slave gets the spit of the two Scatqueens and is then fed by Lady Sandy with shit.

Mistress Roberta -ecological Leather Pants With Shitty Ass-pov

Today i took the ecological leather pants on because i bet you missed them and i order you to kiss them before shitting after i sit on a side on the massage table remove the pants under my ass cheeks just enough so i can shit and pee and after i give you to lick clean the shit was on my ass cheek i whipe my ass and ass hole gathering all the shit in one place for you and i pull back my trousers so i can smear them using an latex glove on my ass cheeks pants and they become shitty ? enjoy the breakfast after licking clean my shitty pants .

Vc500 After My Run Comes Diarrhea!

In a pair of little blue denim shorts, I’ve just come in from a run. I’ve needed to poop so badly all the way home, and a few times thought I was about to shit my pants!As soon as I got in the bathroom I knew I was about to shit myself – and I was so right! I didn’t even have time to take my shorts down before you see the poop coming out the legs of my shorts and running all the way down my legs!My shorts are totally filled with a massive load of poop, and I’m messier than I’ve ever been before! I even have shit on my white socks!I tell you how much the bathroom now stinks, as you watch even more shit coming out of my bulging shorts. I then pull them up tightly and shit some more!Feeling much better, I sit on the side of the bath, giving you an awesome view of my shitty legs and shorts and light up a cigarette. I look down at the mess I’ve made on the floor. Seriously there’s shit every where!I peel my shorts of and give you a look inside. Then taking them right off I bend over the bath giving you a perfect view of my shit covered ass!