Teen Pee Jeans Ass

Goddess Andreea Foursome Humiliation And Toilet Slavery

Again Goddess Andreea was in a great mood with her assistant. They call their pathetic full toilets and humiliate them in different aspects. First, Goddess Andreea have a fetish with food feeding and she just buy something to eat…..She eating on camera and at the end, when remain only a piece of meat, she offer that to her toilet, as a supliment of her daily shit. She order them to clean their shoes, high heels, use them as furniture or as a toilet recipients. She pissing in a jar at the end and shitting in a box, after she finished the steak. A kinky and bizarre movie, with many fetishes inside …..Recorder also with 2 camera, from 2 angles, and also recorded with mobile camera, by her slave or by Goddess Andreea.

Mistresses Holds A Piss Party For You! – Full Movie

These bitches aren’t down for the usual clubbing and shit, oh no. They prefer their parties a little unusual than the norm. They get a willing guy who’s man enough to take their shit, literally. Right now, their manslave is chained to the chair, his face a human toilet for the girls. They take turns sitting on the chair and defecating on his willing and open mouth. They peed on the bowl and make him drink every drop of it.

Shit For Slave No 16

Shit for slave no 16:Slave 16 has hampered the head in a collar and a pipe in his mouth, sadistic mistress turns the crank of a meat grinder that advances his shit very slowly towards the mouth of the slave 16 that will have to swallow mouthful after bite as it happens