Teen Pee Spy Cam

Poop Sniffing Fun!

In this situation, a sweetheart experiments with her fetishes and one that she is eager to try out is playing with her feces! So, she strips off her clothes, squats on top of two chairs, and then defecates into a glass bowl! When she could no longer release anymore, she puts it in front of her face! Her intention is to play with her filth, but since she is enjoying sniffing it alone, she spends more time taking deep breaths! She would later play with her poop but only to worsen the foul odor and further quench her urges!

Directly In The Mouth

This time the slave was for a long and painful abstinence without food for a week. All he was allowed to do was eat my shit. He did not resist, because he knew that if this painful week did not last, he might starve to death. I like to make a slave to open his mouth and look into my eyes while I fill his mouth with smelly shit. Lick and swallow it all. And I will spit in your mug, my toilet. It’s delicious. Mmm…

Multiple Dump By Losing Team!

Volleyball competition the girls that loses takes dump on the stadium! Girls take a dump one by one and then make out with each other. Great movie!!!

Amateur Babe Pissing And Shitting In The Toilet

Amateur babe pissing and shitting in the toilet