Teen Peeing On Toilet

Diarrhea Day By Day

My friend constantly diarrhea, the sweetest for toilet slave, not chewing, swallow and swallow

Scat Pigs Filthy Trio. Part 3

Here is our newest shit eating, shit sucking and shit fucking party. Really One more epic movie, if you liked our previous film – you will be impressed because this one is bigger and better, with more instant pervert and filthy action. Just see the screens yourself. Complete movie goes around 3 hours. Probably one of the best scat action in the whole scat industry of all times.Surely – show us that our effort means something, if this video will be bought a lot of times – soon we will make video where we are playing and fucking with shit which we will save for around a month in a freezer.We need your support, and signs that you like our movies and want us to continue.. see us in our incredible, pervert scat action.Enjoy.

My Angel Guard Ordered Me:poop Now! 2 Girls Pooping

I was Lying on the couch with no intensions to fall asleep.BUt I did.Don’t remember the begging of my dream but here is what i do remember.MY angel guard visit me in my dream.She was all dressed in white and had her halo on her head.She looked like Jessy!My angel guard was Jessy… Dannie,YOU must poop..NOOWWWW! and I woke up a bit scared.I was so confused!… Jessy,Jessy are you here???NObody said anything… Jessyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! She finally came in the room… Whats wrong my dear??I told her everything!I felt something going wrong,I really needed to poop.Ran to the toilet…My angel guard told me to poop,so I willl but you MUST do it too!!! … Such a messy end,so dirty toilet,and a lot of fun!!I thank my angel guard for giving us the best idea ever!

Household Slave Served Delicious Shit From Scat Stool!

This household slave is being trained by TWO mistresses. He is ordered to sit under the scat stool ready for his serving of golden nuggets! With mouth open, the first mistress delivers golden nuggets into his mouth and when she is finished both mistresses push him and humiliate him into eating the steaming pile of shit!