Teen Piss And Grandpas

Madame Du B Yummy Soft Serve

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Patient Has To Drink The Piss Of Two Nurses!

In the middle of the night, two nurses sneak into this patientÂ’s room! With no one guarding him, they have the freedom to do anything they want! At first, they pull him out of his bed and then throw him on the floor where one of the sweethearts proceed to sit on his face and feed him with her pussy! To make things worse, she later urinates in his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to gulp down everything that she releases! Eventually, his hands are tied and then he is bent over! A lady who has secured a strap-on dildo on herself then proceeds to thrust the sex toy inside his mouth back and forth! Shortly after, she penetrates and fucks his asshole! In the middle of the activity, the other nurse pisses inside a glass and gives it the guy! Knowing what she wants, he takes it from her and starts drinking its contents until there is nothing left! The only time he is left alone is when the woman fucking him gets contented with her doings!

Rush To The Potty

I was out shopping all day and I started having horrible stomach cramps. I let out a few isle clearing farts in the store (wish I had a camera to catch those … maybe next time), but then I couldn’t wait any longer! I rushed home and practically kicked down the door to get in and get to the toilet. I made it but just barely! You get to watch and listen as I push out minutes of wet, watery and some sloppy wet farts. Hope you enjoy!

Soft Looong Sausage

Today I have a soft pile of shit again, and after my pussy is still dripping from my pussy cream …. hmmm … yummy