Teen Pisses All Over Guy

Cori’s Gruntin, Ploppin, And Strainin!!!

Anybody that has followed my site from the beginning knows there is nothing I like more than good old fashioned GPS action!! That’s watching a woman grunt, plop, and strain on the toilet for those that don’t know!! Cori delivers all the above in these three clips!! Enjoy as she sneaks off at a friends house party to push out a stinky load!! Hope nobody has to walk right in behind her!! The facial expressions she makes while pushing out her loads are amazing!! It’s one thing hearing a woman groan and grunt and push a shit out, but to see their “shit faces” – man that’s the part that always pushes me over the top!!! Then enjoy another two clips at home. The final clip is one she never sent she shot from New Year’s Day. Enjoy as she talks about what she ate as she unloads that delicious sounding meal into the bowl!! And the facial Expresissions throughout this clip!! Priceless!!!


Hot long shit for your dinner slave!

Shit Stretches My Asshole

Look closely at the rose … how beautiful far they can stretch it to me 😉 And then comes my delicious chocolate out …

Beautiful Woman Shitting On The Floor

Beautiful woman shitting on the floor