Teen Poop Oilet

Scat Donation Into The Slaves’ Mouth

A new slave has applied to the Contessa as a toilet. First, the Contessa examines the tail and the slaves’ eggs to check whether it is useful. After this examination has turned out to be positive, it binds the eggs and the tail tightly. So prepared, he must first drink their delicious natural drink directly from the source. As he fulfills this task satisfactorily, he can receive their divine caviar directly from their wonderfully shaped buttocks. Without fail he receives the scat greedily. To the reward that he has fulfilled his task as a toilet, Contessa allows the slave to wank until he come.


Oxana is hot pushig sexy lines panties with stiky shit!

Ship My Shit For You

The Mistress is contacted by a toilet slave that wants to buy his shit just made.Go to the bathroom, she sits on the bidet and make an abundant crap inside a container. That’s the shit for the toilet slave is ready. The slave will eat it all just receive the package.

Shit On Madaira 06

Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel shit in a bowl and order the slave to use the yummy shit as a lotion!