Teen Shit Cat Fart

Filled From The Source

My slave is lying on the floor instead of my toilet. I do not need a real toilet that today. Because he will be my toilet. His has to catch everything with his mouth and to eat it completely. First, I’m still dressed in panties. Then I take off them and repeat the whole procedure only without panties. The pleasure for my slaves is increasing. Finally, I press my huge ass right on his face. He is allowed to push his tongue deep into my ass. Then he gets the command to open his mouth wide. I shit a big load right into his open mouth. He does his job quite well. Almost everything disappears in his mouth. To not get the idea to spit something I press him my ass again on his mouth. I know it’s cruel. There is no mercy here. I am a Mistress and you are my toilet. Just remember!


First a big poop unassisted and then using an enema for an encore!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.


Oxana is messy shitting in rose tights huge shit!

Ball Of Shit

dont u love licking my ass then opening wide while i shit in it?then u spit it out then i put it in my mouth and make a ball out of it ;i love tasting my own shit after that i wrap it up, who wants it ? place ur bid now!