Teen Shit Pantyhose

Saturday Shit 02

This second video shows my last Saturday evening scat session. I properly used my toilet seat with slave lying under. He was all the time with his mouth open ready for the toilet service. I love shitting in his stupid mouth! During this, he has the task to chew and swallow everything until the last piece of cake. It must be a great feeling for slave to be my toilet. The best thing he eats, smells and inhales is the fragrance of my shit!

Strong Sounds Of The Toilet !!

can be heard well as a heap falls into the water! see for yourself

Vollgekringelt Bucket With Poop For Denmark

Here is the 3rd Sausage. I sit naked on cam, I spread my legs .. elegant curl then the horny sausage into the cup to make time :-)! The bucket full of shit I think you beautiful front of the camera lens, kannste smell even think about it 🙂