Teen Shit Tasting

Such A Lucky Toilet! Big Fat Shit!

This video I shot for the fans of my delicious shit. You will see the most successful perspectives of my sexual ass. First I use a slave to clean my shoes. I command him to suck my heels and lick them with his dirty tongue. Then I sit over his face and start releasing a huge thick shit that goes straight to his mouth. This is amazing! His mouth is stuffed with my sweet shit. Do you really happy now, my toilet? I am a Mistress and you are my TOILET! Always keep it in your mind!

Goddess Constipated Tights

Goddess is very hard shiting constipated shit for you slae, then sitting, smashing shit i this sexy tights!

Risking Of Being Caught! Outdoor Couple Poop And Men Walking Around

There are no words to describe the risk we took ! It must be SEEN! We were so desperate to poop, we couldn’t hold it any longer but the best part it was soo god damn hot being with those pooped yoga pants while those people were walking around us?