Teen Shits In The Woods

139 Huge Turd From Tight Ass

I love to shit, but I love to drink coffee on the terrace too… I decided to do it at the same time 🙂 For this, I used my toilet slave 🙂 The rest you can see in the video … my HUGE HARD SHIT

Kv-saving Clip! Monster Shit Sausage From Slave Perspective!

Here you can see my Monster shit sausage from the slave perspective. See how my Monster shit sausage out of my tight rosette, to come directly to you and your mouth. It’s as if you’re the slave who is below me in the Toilletnstuhl and my delights receive! This is a KV-saving clip, the video part of the slave-view from my video: Monster shit sausage for the slaves under the toilet chair! Full Movie

Babe Pees On Primitive Toilet

The good thing about primitive toilets is that you can look up and see all the action. She squats on the opening on the floor and unloads lots of piss. She squirts pee all the way down to the floor. She wipes her cunt clean with toilet paper.