Teen Shits Pants

Bad Santas Scat Compilation! In Rosella’s Christmas Bakery!

In my Christmas bakery, there are many treats for toilet slaves! First, I shit and piss as Bad Santa, POV in a toilet bowl! Here you see how I am sitting on the toilet and make a killer shit and piss in the toilet bowl! You can see that from 2 camera perspectives, also taken from the toilet bowl and you really have the feeling that you. with wide open mouth. lies under my horny, pooping asshole and receives my divine shit and piss! Then I bake Christmas biscuits for my toilet slaves. Of course, my toilet slaves get a special chocolate on the biscuits! They get Santa-Rosella’s Schoki, fresh from my ass on the biscuits, they know what’s good! Then there will be your Christmas dinner! A big shit sausage, inserted in piss! For that I shit and piss on a plate, a mega-shit sausage and a mega load of piss! You can see that from 3 camera angles

How To Cook Diarrhea

Lía just went back from school, she hasn’t pooped in a while and she really needs to, but not in an usual toilet…

Cellphone Files Pt1

I found some content i think you guys will love. I always have my lady friends send me as much as they can for you guys and your in luck cause she caught a good for you. Watch as she lets u in on her nasty load.


Policewoman is naughty running diareeah in the sexy shorts;)