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Mistress Gaia – By Now You’re A Beast!

By now my slave has become a beast, locked in a cage, at the mercy of my will. Download this video ‘POV’ and you will get the feeling of living the condition of inferior beings, make him eat my shit and to drink my divine nectar to survive: they will not have other, neither they will get out of the cage if they do not have eaten everything and drank all!

Sophies Shitty Slide!

When Sophie decides that her kitchen floor needs cleaning, she has no idea how messy it’s about to get!Dressed in a short little skirt, Sophie begins to scrub at her kitchen floor. Her crisp white panties peek out from underneath as she stretches backwards and forwards. As Sophie cleans she feels her tummy starting to bubble, she quickly puts her hand to her bum and tells you that she needs to poop. This should have been a warning sign that what ever was coming, was coming soon! But She tells you how she must finish cleaning before she takes a bathroom break. Getting more and more uncomfortable, Sophie begins to clench her stomach as she cleans. She tells you how badley she now needs to go and how she’s desperetly trying to hold it so that her clean panties don’t get all messy. Sophie presses her hand up hard between her butt cheeks as she continues cleaning, trying to hold this big mess in for just a little bit longer!’OMG … No, I can’t wait … I can feel it coming!’ Sophie exclaims!Squatting over her nice clean kitchen floor, Sophie begins to flood it with a long hot piss that splashes to the ground and forms a puddle around her feet. She sighs in relief at being able to empty her bladder and the feeling of her poopy now pressing hard against her butt hole!’Mmmmmmm it’s coming out’ Sophie moans as she gives the first few pushes. Reaching behind her she runs her fingers between her bum cheeks and feeling the begining of the poop that’s just starting to stick out. Sophie pushes some more, the end of her poopy makes a brown stain appear on her white panties. Pushing harder, more and more poop is coming in to them, making them bulge as she fills them up with a dirty, smelly mess. Falling forwards on to her knees, Sophie pushes her messy bottom out in to your face and runs her fingers across her panties. They’re so warm and sticky and she sighs with pleasure as she rubs the big mess against her butt hole. ‘You know, when I feel this hot popy inside my panties, I need to touch myself’ Sophie tells you before pulling down the back of her panties letting you see the dirty brown mess inside. With her pussy dripping, she can’t keep her hands away, and begins to rub it up and down, telling you just how wet she is. Turning around, Sophie sits her messy bottom down on the kitchen floor. She moans loudly at the feel of all the warm mushy poop spreading over her butt cheeks, and it really seems as though she could cum in her dirty panties just from the sensation!’I’m such a dirty girl’ Sophie tells you as she grinds her messy bottom against the floor, making her poopy spread even further up the back of her panties. ‘I know your so horny right now, watching me. So come on … Play with me. Take off your pants and rub you cock for me’Sophie rubs harder and faster against her dripping pussy. Her panties are so full that the poopy begins to squish it’s way out of the leg bands. Getting more and more excited she begins pumping her bum and pussy against the hard floor, spreading the huge mess around even further!When Sophie gets back on her hands and knees you can see for yourself how her panties are stained all the way up to her waist. Pushing her dirty bottom out in to your face, you can almost smell the filthy mess she’s made!Pulling her panties to one side, Sophie gives you an excellent view of inside before spanking her bottom a few times for being such a bad girl! As she spanks, she squishes the dirty mess out even further and you can tell her panties aren’t going to take much more before spilling the whole dirty load!’Look at me … Look at your dirty girl’ Sophie tells you as she sits her messy bottom back down, and opens her legs wide. Sophie masturbates harder and faster, her breathing becomes heavier and you know she’s going to cum soon. ‘I want you to cum with me’ Sophie moans out to you ‘Rub your cock faster, cum with me!’Pumping her hips fast and with her filthy butt slipping and sliding all over the floor, Sophie tells you how she’s so close to cumming. Then quickly turning back on to her hands and knees she bursts in to a huge, amazing orgasm that ripples over her whole body!

Laura Uses A Toilet To Pee – Mov

Our sexy model Laura wears some hot red pieces of clothing. But not for long! Soon she starts to undress and shows you her sexy body! But that’s not all you want to see, is it? So she moves to the toilet and stands above it. She bows over a little bit and then starts to pee! Ahh, much better! But there is still some pee in her! So she sits down and presses the last drips out of her sexy pussy ? THAT’S what you want to see, isn’t it…?