Teen Thug Shits

Shit, Stop, Shit, Stop, Shit, Stop, Shit, Stop, Shit, Stop

What a wish! Kack for me in close-up! Pinch off whenever e is! Minimum of 10 seconds in between break! Ok, I habs versucht..schau yourself 🙂 Close, closer ….

Making A Yellow Puddle

One of those lazy mornings when I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. So what did I do? I pulled back the covers, spread my legs and my pussy lips and flooded the bed! It was nice and warm for a minute, but it was getting cold quickly so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Crowd Watches While I Shit On My Friend As Payback

A crowd of scatology fans are in the same room as us and they will see me giving back to my friend a deposit of my slimy shit as she did to me in the previous episode. Then we encourage our fans to join in.

The Shit In The Mirror

Fantastic new Movie featuring a shitting girl sensation, doing it on a mirror. This looks fantastic in HD. Plus 4 more super pooper scenes!!