Teen Vomiting On Each Other

Peeing In Transparent Plastic Container

I need to pee again. I’m trying to train my bladder but it’s very difficult. This summer I was able to drink a lot more water before having to pee but now I have to train myself again. Sometimes I don’t even have the time to prepare my camera and start filming because the pee starts running down my legs and I wet my panties. This time I was able to get the camera ready. I remove all my clothing exept my socks (the floor is so cold!) and I pee in a transparent plastic container. I try to stop the stream by using my kegel muscles but it is very difficult (another thing I have to train!). I finally stop the stream and start peing again in a second container. After peeing I spread my pussy lips with my fingers. Then I combine the 2 containers together in a glasss cup and show you how much pee I collected. Finally I pour my pee in the sink.

Slaves To Do The King And Queen Of The Toilet B30

The slave was very lucky, and ministered unto the king and queen. Goddess to massage the legs, licking the king and queen’s big shoes. Accept the king and queen, drill the king and queen’s legs together. Accept the queen’s urine

Scat Play And Solo Pee Total Amateur

Actually the plan was to make a absolut amateur solo pee movie with 5 solo pee scenes shooted by Simon Steel. But at the 3rd scene Roxana just shit during the solo pee, and Simon tried everything to make her eat her shit! she was surprised that she was asked to make that, but slowly she does! After this movie we shoot the movie: Scat Top models No.5 – Lesbian Scat Orgasmus – Real Cinema Line with her. But this here is how we’ve got her to eat scat! First i don’t liked to publish this movie, because to much amateur camera, but after one customer ask me how we find girls to eat scat, i decided to put this movie and show you one example of how we find them! Simon was take the change and during he make camera, he told her to make it! Attention – Just buy this movie if you real like to see Amateur material! The scat Scene is around 6 minutes, all other are the planed solo scenes, raven in public shooter, on a street where sometimes come cars or people!