Tera Joy Pisseur

Nurse Shit Eating Instructions

I am wearing my very tight, low cut, sexy nurse’s outfit and I walk into your room. You are my patient and i’m doing a standard check up asking how you’re feeling when I notice you still haven’t eaten any food. “Come on, I need you to eat something, you need to build your strength” I say. “I know hospital food isn’t the best, but luckily I know how to make it much tastier”. I lift up my skirt and pick up your first course, a few grapes, off your plate and put them in my ass. Then I push them out back onto the plate. One of the grapes comes out completely embedded in a big log of shit. I show it to you, picking it up in my bare hands, commenting on how delicious it will be. Then I do the same thing with your main course (mini sausages and carrots) and your dessert (a few skittles). Each thing I insert and push out comes out coated in shit. I show the plate at the end with its shit coated food, a big log of shit with the grape embedded in it and pee all around the plate too for a drink. I tell you how delicious your dinner is going to be now, and encourage you to eat it for me.  If that doesn’t make you want to eat it, I don’t know what will!

Shitting-nylons And Horny Dirty Talk

In my very sexy red Nylons i sit and spread my legs…..then i make you so very hot with my Dirty Talk before i shit!! Come and let turn on you and you Il surely cumshot at the Dirty Talk!! Im so horny when i cam make you hot with my curvy Body and my shit!!

The Sound Of The Toilet! I Love To Complain !!

Morning heap, I have to hurry because once a jade to work! I do bought and writes text messages with a friend! like myself to write text messages about how we bought!We share our impressions !!

Nasty Boss Makes Intern Eat Her Scat!

The intern is definitely talented but the bitchy boss decides to test his willingness to do anything she wills him to do. She makes the poor boy strip and lie down on the floor with his mouth wide open. She squats on her desk and aims her scat directly into his mouth. She tells the intern to eat it all up or else he won’t keep his internship.