Tera Joy Pissimg

Serving Shit On The Table

Shit from me is to be considered as a exclusive meal! So where else can I serve my slave rather than on the table? After teasing him, I have him assume position under my perfect ass, and receive his perfect meal! What he misses I use a spoon to put it in his mouth!

Morning Shit With Me

You’re a toilet slave. Remember this and do not allow yourself to have a closer relationship with me. I’m your Mistress. Let’s get up, lift your butt and open your mouth wider. Look at my ass. Do you want to taste delicious shit from my ass? Watching me and Jerk Off! You Stupid Pig )))

Dinner For One!

Darling! There is a problem in the bathroom!The damn toilet is broken again! How am i supposed to relieve myself?!You said you would fix it and you didn’t! You also said you’ d do ANYTHING for me! So I have a BIG TASK for you everyday from now on… Enjoy!

30 Min Scat Smear Face Mask

hello nasty boys,This is a 30 min video, i wanted to take my time in showing the nastiness but amazing view of my shit being smeared on my face and neck. I start out with old poop i had in a container with some pee in it. I try to smear it on but it goes on like clay so i mix it more with the pee..then put more on, i explain how it feels and the smell of my shit and how u wish u could be the one to lick it off. After about 25 mins i put it in my mouth a whole big ball of it that i gag a little i want to make it more smoother for my face so i mix it with my saliva. Then smear it more on my face till i use all my poop that was in the container.The view is up close so u see all the scat and this video gives u enough time to jerk that nasty boy cock of urs and explode over and over again.This is a one of a kind video OBey and Buy it NOW!u wont regret it ;D rate this 5 stars make ur scat goddess happy