The Best Shit And Piss Video Ever

Toilet For Girls

Today, I will use the slave as a toilet. At first, I caress my pussy and legs in stockings. Then I take my panties and throw them on the floor. My slave keeps the toilet rim so I was comfortable to shit in his mouth. Come on, toilet slave, open your mouth wider. I wanna shitting. Well, lick my turd and piece of shit. I will spitting in your mouth. Lick my spitting and shoes, dirty whore.

Sweet Scat Dream

I caught my partner as he was happy with my worn panties without first asking for permission. This must, of course, be punished. At first I tuck his hands. Then he can lick my pussy and my ass and I treat him with my whip. I urge him to open his mouth and piss a big crowd right into it. Of course, he has to drink everything. But not enough. He must also eat all my shit. To motivate him, he always gets beatings with the whip. But I want to give him something. That’s why I jerk and blow his cock until he cums.Such a punishment does not frighten him but the next time again smell on my panties.

Hard Quality Shit Of A Girl After A 3-day Constipation

Alina again unloaded in mouth of toilet slave a large piece of solid quality shit.

Evil Sis Make Slave Eat Shit! – Part 2

The girls take turns squatting and unloading shit on his face, which they order him to eat at once. They walk around him and lightly whips his body, making him beg for their mercy.