The Folks Who Produce Shit

You Shall Eat Shit Forever

Some slaves voluntarily eat my shit, others are not ready and need to be fixed while I fully poop into the mouth. Just as my present toilet, I have the Loser fixed completely defenseless, my toilet seat placed directly over his mouth and shat myself properly. Completely scared he decides obediently to follow my instructions. I do not need to torment him so hard – the pure threat is enough. So he chews my huge pile of shit and swallows everything, even spit and piss find their way into his stomach. I like it this way – giving up I will not tolerate!

Shit On The Plate After Fitness

Today, I do fitness and very tired. I’m peeing in a jar champagne and shitting at the plate for my toilet slave. This lovely meal cooked for you. You will see a close-up and in good light how I shit. A more shit to my slave. You want even more, loser?

New Godes Strike Again – Eat All Shit

My new Godess strike again !!! A mistress from the movie Shit-eating from a new GODESS use me again as her full receptacle for her shit. Because i obey every order she gave me, she take me at her home to be her personal toilet today. She feel so good and before using my mouth she make me a small session of CBT and BALLBUSTING, humiliating me a lot. Then she asked me if i am ready and prepared to be a potty mouth. She put me down into her lobby and beeing dressed in a red metalic catsuit, she began to shit in my mouth. She fill my mouth with her shit very soon. She obliged me to chew and swallow her Royal Kaviar and pushing her shit deep into my throat with her gloves. This is the second movie with this new Godess and more will fallow if we also have a great and positive response from our members who will buy this movie splitted in 2 parts. ENJOY !!! this is part 1 of this movie.

Double View Of Scat Delivery

A fantastic double camera view where we can see the expression on the face of the mistress as she pushes out a big brown sausage into her slaves mouth. The log of shit is so big that the slave cannot eat it down in one swallow. Instead he must use his fingers to carefully push and help him consume the full delivery of scat!