The Girl Shit Her Self

Schoolgirls Abuse Captured Domesticated Human Toilet

Two extremely cute schoolgirls have their very own domesticated human toilet. He started the day as a cold calling salesman but this time he choose the wrong door to knock on. Inside there are two girls who have had weekend courses in scatology. What a perfect opportunity to practice their skills on this unsuspecting soul. They let him in and take control of the situation by ordering him to bow before them. He is given a bottle to place into his mouth which has already been prepared to form a vessel for delivering their piss. One of them squats over the bottle and releases her golden piss for him to drink. There is no drops spilled and he complies with their demands as he knows he should. After drinking the pee, the next squats over him and pushes put some liquid brown goodness from her anal passage. He can’t manage to eat it all and the girls don’t want to waste a drop. The captured man is smothered under their ass and then the girls empties the rest of the shit directly out of her ass into a bowl for later consumption from the captive newly turned slave!

Played With Creamy Shit

Today I have for you shitting in the sink, a nice creamy heap. I could not just let my fingers and it had me einsauen my fingers and lick it good. My shit tasted so delicious, you will not try it sometime?

The Chocolate Pudding Kack

Well I’ve never done something tasty to eat again. It has also tasted great. Sorry but you are not otherwise have been since I’d like to share.