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Jerk With My Shit In Your Mouth! Second Cam

This slave came to me and told me that he wanted to eat my shit! But I for sure made it clear that he needs to be humble in my presence. After slapping him, I give him a short sniff of the rose that is the only source of food for him the rest of his life! I make sure to pee a lot in his mouth, and sip whatever he missed from the floor. I position me over his mouth and let the log start to fall. I make him start to eat his meal, and I will for sure not accept any “discomfort sounds” from him. I allow him to jerk his dick, and if I am in a good mood, maybe I even let him cum with my shit being consumed. So I let him watch my pussy and ass as I give him a countdown to cum. I call another slave for cleaning my shitty ass. A tongue is softer than toilet paper.

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Looking for someone to eat that and clean me …

Diamond’s Running Late Diarrhea Bubblegut Explosions!!

Diamond is back with three farty, nasty explosive diarrhea clips!!! She was on her way to work when she had to rush in and let rip!! luckily she picked a day to go commando under that tight miniskirt and saved herself a little time! Then enjoy the very next day whatever she ate was still carried over as she had to make two back to back trips to let loose!! Keyword being Loose!! This was mudbutt to the 10th degree!!

Mistress Rayven Returns 1080p

Mistress Rayven is back and in this video she starts off by releasing her golden nectar into the toilet bowl. Then its off to the toilet seat to feed her pig slave. She starts off by having him lick and suck her browneye before releasing a fat shit log into his mouth that he chews up like a good pig. He then uses his tongue as human toilet paper to clean her up.