The Young East Pissy

Fresh Piss In The Heat Vol.2

Today it is again extremely warm and I just once again against the heat, a good sip of piss sensed and let it taste me. I have to say that it really helps if you drink fresh piss on the heat.

Lia Boo’s Public And Private Pee

Lia Boo was another flagship model on Ladies Keeping It Funky. In fact she is probably Funky Lady #4. She along with Francesca Gabriella, Margarita, and Ms D are the reason why my store and site have expanded to the monster we are today!! She is also responsible for bringing Lil Stink’s sexy ass into fold as the two were dating at the time! So while Lia Boo and I fell out after her 1st year (she always wanted more money than even Lil Stink and frankly, look at her, and look at Lil Stink!! LMAO Fuck That!!) her legacy remains into 2017. This is another classic one from the vaults as she pees at home then in public in two scenes. Another blast from the past to show where we been and where we at now!!

Here Eat It Right Out Of Our Ass!

Me and my girlfriend serving you our shit right out of our ass. Eat it fresh and eat it all.