Three Lesbian Piss Cat

Different Pooping Methods Tried Out Part 1

Girls Uses Man

An Extra Portion Of Shit For The Slave

My friend Rosella was visiting again. To celebrate that, I introduced her my new toilet. First I shit the slave into his greedy mouth. My whole caviar disappeared without problems. Even Rosella had really pressure and put an extra large portion of her caviar on my shit. The slave swallowed everything good, as befits a good toilet.To make swallowing easier, he was treated with streams of piss, so he could devour the divine caviar well. A very good toilet. 🙂

**scatology Hospital** Me And My Bitches Love Scat!

Me and my bitches at the Scatology Hospital love scat, we like role play. We play around with our patients and scat on them. Here you will see us all enjoying our insides eating, kissing and making out with scat all over the ward room.***HD only***Special discount***

Mistress Gaia – Soft Imprint Of Her Foot

Now you are at my feet, slave: I stay on the throne, you lie on the floor! You must adore all of your Mistress, even her shit, and you can only masturbate when I want and how I want. Look as my shit comes out warm and soft from my ass hole: would you like to lick my dirty feet of crap, right? I will do more: I leave the imprint of my feet on the shit just made, and you will lick it. It will be as if my feet were made of shit! Nice idea, is not it?