Tied Down And Pissed

Amateur Smear

I was in the middle of a shower when the urge to poop came over me. Guess I need to lather up and rinse. How else would I unwind after a stressful day at work? 😉 (Also, ignore my dog barking. Can’t script this stuff…)

Zelda’s Home And Public Mega Log Dropoff!!

Two Great new clips from Goddess Zelda!! Enjoy as she begins by doing a naughty clip at her favorite bar. She begins by showing the turtleheads poking in and out her azz before squatting over the bowl to unleash a FUNKY batch of big logs!! She even dropped on on the toilet seat!! So messy!! Then in the second, enjoy a ploptastic reverse kanga scene as she hovers in reverse over the seat . How many logs fell??? Sheesh!! Then enjoy as she shows her dirty asshole right in your face before wiping. I swear I’ll never get tired of seeing her delicious ass!!

Cori’s Naked Shits And Tits!!

Cori is back with another great set of clips!! This time enjoy as she gets down to her birthday suit and grunts, plops and strains right in front the camera!! Enjoy three great FUNKY clips as she gets in her good dumps right before hopping in the shower. Great facial expressions and you also get to see how sexy this BBW PAWG is!!! Just something about her drives me crazy!!!

Toilet Slave Banana Nutt Baking Vid

@ 14 Min ? Are You Ready To Be My Little Toilet Bitch? Do You Want To Lick All My Chocolate & Drink All My Lemonade? I Know You Are 😉 HAHAHAHA! It Amuses Me So Much 2 Know That I Am Going 2 Be Serving You These Treats. Mmmmm?. I Bet You Are Salivating Thinking About It Right Now. But This Isn?t Just ANY Chocolate Treat For You My Pet? You Aren?t A Man Worthy Of A Beautiful Goddess Like Me. I Want 2 Add One Extra Special Ingredient In There For You?.. A REAL Man?s Cum? MY Man. You Need 2 See What A REAL Man?s Cock Looks Like & Taste What A REAL Man?s Spunk Tastes Like. Bow Down Cunt. I?m About To Make You The Best Little Toilet Slave There Is. Watch As I Take A Big Fat Shit & Piss Into A Mixing Bowl While Continuing To Verbally Humiliate You. Then We Mix All The Ingredients Together For Your Sick Fucking Treat Right Before My Man Jerks His Dick Off Into The Batter. Take Notes?. You Need To Learn From His Beautiful Cock. Off To The Oven Your Treat Goes Next Where You Don?t Have 2 Wait Long Until I Am Quickly Pulling It Out Of The Oven. Don?t Spluge Yet Slut! You Haven?t Even Seen It Yet! Mmm? There It Is. Take A Nice Close Look At Your Nasty Treat. I Bet You Can?t Wait To Gobble It Up Like The Dog That You Are?