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Missys Girlfriend P5

Lady Missy has to pee and then brings the slave on the toilet, the beautiful yellow urine of Lady Missy in the toilet. Of course, she has not flushed and now puts the head of the dumb slave in the bowl and lets him slurp her piss with his tongue, which is very easy to hear. But the slave does not get it all. There is also a good invention for it. Lady Missy hands him a spoon with which he now has to spoon everything out. Before he is done, Lady Chrissy sits on his head and just lets her piss run. Everything drips into the toilet via his slave’s head. His head full of piss he must continue to spoon the piss. The femdom ladies laugh.

A Quick Pee In A Toilet Mouth

My slave is visiting me, and as usual he is here to serve me. Serve me in any way I want him to. So when I need to use the toilet, why bother to go all the way to the toilet? I just stand up and have him lay down under me. I pee a lot in his toilet mouth, and he has to drink it all. When I am done, I facesit him covering his face with my pussy and ass. A dream come through for my slave.

Young Alina Spitting And Smoking And Pooping 02

Young Alina spitting and smoking and pooping 02

Farting – Liquid And Strong!

My strong, liquid and loud farting, I also do and strong pee!