Tiny Girl Takes Massive Shit

Mega Piss Orgy With 4 Girls And 6 Men!

I was with 3 girlfriends in the sauna. After the sauna we wanted to take a shower. Some men have approached us because they were horny for us! We have 6 men, pissing in the mouth. Then the 6 men have pissed me in the mouth and one of my girlfriends too! I gargled with all the stinking piss before I swallowed it, relish. And all public … Another of my girlfriends pissed me on my tits! In addition, the girls have pissed off each other, too! A really dirty, perverted and horny piss orgy

Toilet After Jogging

I’m going back after jogging and my first steps are directed to the toilet. My stomach was gurgling and I had to go two. I have a big plops. Nice scent of my shit.

Billie’s Am Megadump!!

Billie is back with an AM Treat!! Enjoy as she shows us a nice pre-shower Morning release. She just had her morning coffee. As you know Coffee is the ultimate diuretic!!! She also had a big salad the night before so she could “keep things moving for you”. Enjoy some nice peeing and some serious ploppage in this one!! I just love her daily conversations while on the pot as well!!!