Tiny Girls Shitting

In The Tube

The girls tickle the slave give gim a footjob and piss on him

Cream, Drip & Poop

I was about record an anal & DP video when my tummy started to cramp a little. The discomfort was brief and brought along a nice urge to poo after it. I started with pushing and holding my poop as usual, but a little slipped out. I was trying to get my 2nd nut of the night while using my Hitachi. Watch me get cream, pee, drip, and poop (not in that order). Sadly I did not squirt but it sure looks like it. WE can thank coffee for this poop video?.it felt so good.

Mistress Gaia A Lot Of Scat For My Pour Slave!

This time will be memorable for you slave! No matter whether you have followed me since the first clip on yezzclips, whether this is the first time for you, in any case it will be a unique experience: your personal milestone in the training that you have already started or you are about to start with me, as a human toilet. I’m going to evacuate a huge quantity of shit, that you would have never dreamed of, even in your most extreme coprophilist ravings and dreams! This is the time to materialize the desire you did not even had the opportunity to desire or imagine. BECAUSE MISTRESS GAIA IS ALWAYS ONE STEP BEYOND!