Toile Tscat Fat

Sweetheart Devouring Fresh Poop! – Part 1

Part 1 – The woman who is now naked and inside the bathroom starts defecating into her hand! As soon as she gets a hold of a huge lump, she serves it into her mouth and starts taking one bite after another! It doesn’t take long before only a small portion of it is left! By then, she starts smearing it all over her face and body! As a result, she is later rendered completely covered in her own filth!

Toilet Slut Eat My Shit

In this video I make a training for my toilet slut. Slave lick my shoes and I fuck my slut. Then I used his mouth instead of my toilet. He very love my brown nasty sweetnes. I fill his mouth with my shit. Look, enjoy and jerk off!

Desperate To Shit In My Bedroom

I had lots of fun making this! ———————————————————–I like to make desperation videos hen I actually am desperately having to shit so that all the squirming is real – I give myself a time limit on when I can finally let loose!—————————————————————-This shit is full of chile flakes and spicy goodness which is likely why I had to go SO BADLY. ——————————————————Watch me squirm and try to figure out what to do as I get closer and closer to releasing the long log of shit inside me. My cute dress and pale creamy skin look amazing and innocent as I struggle and squirm! ——————————————————I show you two wipes of toilet paper and you can see how much food was in the shit and how messy and creamy it was. I also give a close up aerial view of the shit in the tin so we can all admire what I made for you. ———————————————Spicy food poops are always a pleasure ;D

From The Vaults!! Lil Stink’s Debut!!

Enjoy the 1st ever clip sent to me by Lil Stink!! Lil Stink is one of my all-time best sellers!! She was introduced to me by her then girlfriend Lia Boo (also one of my 1st models). Enjoy this quick clip of her farting and pooping!! Funny thing, this is about as gassy a clip as she ever did!!