Toilet Bowl Cam Poop

Diva Staxxx’s Prim And Pooper!!

My homegirl Staxxx is back with Great new Clip!! You get to see her as she does her Three S’s – Shit, Shave, and Shower! She takes you into her morning routine. Enjoy As she has a nice Black N Mild and Boo-Boo Session, as she poops and pees while smoking a cigar. As seemingly always, this girl never has toilet paper and has to summon her boyfriend to come bask in her shitty ambience as she gets him to bring her some TP and her clippers so she can give herself a trim.. Then enjoy as Staxxx let’s you watch as she cuts her hair before her shower while already naked. She should have called this a 4 S clip instead!! You get a little smoking, shitting, shaving, all before her shower!! A nice “day in the life” type clip from Ms Staxxx!!!

We Flood Your Face With Our Piss

Whoever sits as a slave before Miss Cherie and Miss Jane has to automatically open its mouth, both girls require any slaves to serve as a spittoon. Too bad for him that both have to pee, he must also make sure to dispose his face. First relieves Miss Cherie, she pisses him a huge amount of pee in portions into the mouth. Then Miss Jane continues with an equally large amount of piss. His ass gets to feel the whip while he licks clean the floor to pick up even the last drop of yellow.

Housewife Secret Toyboy! – Full Movie Hd Only

This lonely housewife manages a boardinghouse while her husband works overseas. One day, she chances upon one of her boarders’bag. Curiosity nudged her to open the bag and take a peek and she saw used tissues with dry cum and a soiled panty. She gets turned on with what she saw and starts playing with herself. When the young man returns from school, she seduces him by rubbing his cock through his pants. She makes him eat her hairy cunt until her juices exploded out from her. Noticing that he loves to sniff her ass she also know that he has a secret desire to eat her shit!