Toilet Can Shit

Mistress Roberta – Pee And Poop In Caserole And On The Floor-pov

Today i have prepared an caserole for your breakfast i put it on the floor after i pee inside it and i start to poop in the caserole and on the floor because pushing too hard throws half of the shit out and you will eat it just the way it is half of the shit from the caserole in the pee and the rest from the floor where you have aslo some pee to lick clean from the floor.

Shit Painting On The Body

Today I have decided to show my artistic talent. I use my shit and I will paint the shapes all over the body. Of course I will not forget to have shit in my mouth and chew to watch the camera. It does not need a lot of words, you have to see and write your insights for my inspiration

Drinking 2 Litres Of Pee In The Publick Place

daddy pee in a brad and give me 3 litres of his dark yellow pee and tell me to eat and drink it all in the street with a lot of people aound! it was very terrible and i drinked just two litres so when i get home back he put his cock in my mouth and fuck it while i beggin dont do this