Toilet Farts Videos

Smoking Redd’s Gobbling You Little Bastards!!

Smoking Redd Is back with a custom she did lucky fan. You have been shrunken to the size and texture of a gummy bear. Redd stumbles upon you and your friends in the restroom…She decided to devour you all!! One by one, you all get picked up, nibbled on, and chewed to bits. She returns to the bathroom later to take a huge shit. From a big man to a runny little shit – literally! Enjoy as this sexy giantess gobbles you down then expells you from her FUNKY asshole!!

Mz Booty’s New Public And Private Dumps

Mz Booty is back once again!! Enjoy as one of my favorite asses OF ALL TIME is back at it!!! A year later and I still can’t believe what I’m watching whenever she sends me new clips!!! She’s still out on the road, enjoy as she sends in a new set of Peeing a ploppage clips from different public toilets and hotel rooms. Enjoy as she opens the door once again to let you in to watch her do her dirty deeds!!

Bondage Girl Broken In!

This lady is bound in tight bondage and it is her first encounter in the fine arts of scatology. To start her off, a finger is placed into her asshole to exevate some of her own excrement. Once a finger is well coated in her choclate, the finger is pushed into her mouth for her to sample. After this, she delivers a full load for her consumption, which is placed into her mouth and rubbed across her body. To make sure they extract the full value of her goodness she is given an enema which has her squirting delicious juice from her back door! In the end, she is all messed up but the lesson has been taught and now she knows what scatology is all about!