Toilet Force Pooping

Sexy Latina Girl Taste And Play With Scat 3

Part 3 – She put big dildoes and other things in ass, and on the end put extra big dildo in ass, and and get it out with scat.

Under My Shitty Ass! Mistress Emily!

I want to play with my toilet slave again and to watch how he is humiliated and suffers my mockeries. Today he will be my toilet and he had to get hungry since I didn’t feed him two days. He cleans my shoes and heels by his dirty slave tongue. And I watch that he to gloss licked my footwear. Then I get up over him, so that his face has appeared directly under my ass and slightly sit down over him. Sweet and dense shit leaves my asshole and comes directly to his throat. He swallows each piece of shit and enjoys… He is waited by one more portion of a big breakfast and sweet piss from Mistress Emily. I’ll spit in his dirty mouth and I will control process of feeding of the slave. If you want to taste delicious breakfast from Mistress Emily, then you must come to me. You are already waited by a portion of my fresh shit.

Swimsuit Beauty In Shit Body Mask! – Full Movie

She’s a newbie in the swim team and the senior swimmers are throwing a small pool party for her. They are all dressed in hot black swimsuits and she is having a great time. But her friends tell her that she should undergo an initiation before she really becomes part of the team. So they make her squat on one of the chairs and make her poop out all the finger foods that she consumed. Whe a considerable puddle of shit is already on the plastic-covered floor, they make her lie down right next to it. They push her face on the shit puddle so it will get all over her face! They dip their hands on the sticky shit and smear it all over her body! Welcome to the team, bitch!

Mistress Roberta -pooping Standing Wearing Over The Knee Leather Boots-pov

Today i have on only an blouse and my over the knee leather boots on and i will poop directly on the wooden floor an little pawn of pee and a long trail of shit with seeds and diverse inside so get on your kneese and lick it all clean slave your breakfast for this morning is a bit black 🙂 !