Toilet Fuck After Piss

Bottled The Piss Slave

A particularly devout piece of slave had come by me. The sow confessed to me that he is on pee. What a coincidence: that’s one of my great passions. Man, I pissed him. He then blessed blissfully over all the cheeks 🙂

Pee In Tights

I am a locked slave girl and wear gray tights. My bladder is really full. So I lean backwards and piss in my tights. Then I sit down and make my feet and ass wet with all the urine.

Huge Hard Shit Through Crotchless Panty

Godess feel very full today and because her toilets are not available in that moment she take a bowl and filling with hard shit for her toilets. They will eat a good meal today after Godess done movies in our other store : SCATDOMINAANDTOILET !! check them and buy them !

Slave, This Is The Last Shit Looser

The last shit and Piss,then i want not a Looser,i want a hot Slave with a big dick!! Yor dick is so small…..hihi!! Come and open you Mouth,eat my big sausage and drink my Piss!!More,more,come one Looser!!