Toilet Manscat Man

Two Piss Loving Grandfathers!

A sweetheart visiting her grandparents is greeted by the sight of her grandfather being half-naked! Immediately, he tells her of his intentions! Feeling pity, she decides to give him what he wants! So she lays him on the floor, gets on top of him, and begins pissing inside his mouth! For every mouthful the old man receives, he swallows! Eventually, she takes off her clothes, rendering her completely naked, to comfortably continue with the dirty session! However, she is to stop since her other grandfather from her other side of the family arrives! Though, what she does is simply grab him, strip him of his clothes, and lay him beside the earlier old man! Then, she proceeds to continue urinating, this time, alternating between their two mouths! The only time she stops is when she could no longer release anymore piss!

Pissing All Over Her Big Boobs

Pissing all over her big boobs

Mistress Roberta Another Epic Movie With Shit

Mistress Roberta was in a great mood in this morning. She was thinking to humiliate her toilet and she propose him a task : if he can cumm while he eat her shit, he will not be in chastity. Else, he will be severe punished and remain another 3 months in chastity with key at Mistress Roberta. She enjoy to abuse him and she pissing a huge torent of pee right into his mouth and then she farting in his mouth and oblige him to remain with mouth wide open for her shit. She make a diarrhea again and slave was not able to cumm……to be continued……with chastity locked !!

Mistress Annabelle – Lick My Shit – Hd Ver.

This morning I went to the toilet. I hade a lot of nasty shit. My toilet slave likes to eat my shit for breakfast. Especially for him I shit on the floor. Now my toilet slut should lick my ass cleanly after the toilet. Usually I use it instead of toilet paper. He enters the tongue deep into my asshole. Lick carefully, try to accept your fate. But that is not all. Do you see huge pieces of shit on the floor? Lick and suck my shit, enjoy it. This is your food, stupid slave. Eat all my shit, come on, I need to see that the floor is clean. Ha-ha-ha! You really did it, my full toilet.